I.T Projects

  • The IT department was involved in a project with HP Singapore to develop software that automates the palletizing of HP ink cartridges at HP's Ang Mo Kio Production Plant. The Palletizing Software controls several stages of the palletizing of the ink cartridges; The Software System is connected to vision scanners that capture the individual ID on every cartridge. The software controls the scanning of IDs and all IDs are stored in the software database. The Robotics packing the ink cartridges is controlled by the software system and the software communicates with the robotics via a PLC program with a RS232 connection. All palletizing details are stored in the software database and kept for further Depalletizing validation.
  • The Depalletizing line in HP Singapore also uses similar software developed by the IT department to control the Depalletizing process.
  • Both the Palletizing and Depalletizing software system were also implemented in Ireland for ink cartridge production line in Galway and Dublin .
  • Engineers from the IT department were involved in developing the LED Remote Control Software for the Singapore Kranji Turf Club. The Users input messages into the software system and these messages are send and display onto a LED panel. The LED panel is located far away from the main control station and thus the messages are sent from the software system via a modem connection to the panel.
  • Implemented a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Inasia Warehouse Pte Ltd. All design and development were done by engineers from our company. The WMS Software includes the Inventory, Billing (Services and Storage Charges) and All Reports needed by the company, which include Sales, Inventory Balance, and Inventory Movement Reports etc.
  • Implemented Bar Code Scanning software and hardware for Inasia Warehouse Pte Ltd.
  • Engineers were involved the design and implementation of the control system (hardware/software) for the URA exhibition gallery located on the 2 nd floor of the URA building. This system controls the 12 interactive PCs, the lightings (spotlight/cyberlight) and the video and audio streaming in the gallery.



Security Projects

  • The Systems department was involved in supply, design and install CCTV System project at Singapore Indoor Stadium.
  • The Systems also Supply and install Audio/Video system Card Access System and Long Range Access Reader at the following Condominium. Cairnhill Crest Condominium, Forest Hill Condominium, Golden Hill Condomiunium And Heilconia Condominium.
  • Both Systems & IT department involved in the SKYCAM Camera at the URA gallery.
  • We do all supply and install Access Control and CCTV Systems at the following Clients : Ministry of Defence, Ministry Of Law, GEBeta, BreadTalk, NTUC Income, ITE , Ong & Ong Architects & Amway ......




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