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Hardware/Software Maintenance And Support

If the inevitable happens, and your PC fails, we can come to you. It is usually easier for us to come to you to do a repair, rather than you having to unplug everything and bring the offending item to us. Westech hardware / software maintenance contract aims at reducing the fuss caused by hardware / software breakdowns. We cannot always promise to repair all faults on the spot, but we do carry a majority of the common parts that can fail. This might not be to the same specification as the original, but it will enable you to have your system up and running whilst a replacement is sourced.


Included with the Hardware / Software Maintenance Services program:

Installation of servers and related components

Maintenance of servers

Maintenance of preloaded software

Data backup & recovery planning and implementation

Maintenance of workstations and peripherals

Maintenance of other peripherals,Printers,Plotters,Scanners

Diagnosis and repair of computer and network related problems

Service contracts related to server maintenance, security and data protection

Operating Systems & Applications, Microsoft Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Proxy Server, SQL Server


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